Detailed master class: Maple Leaf (quilling)

Picture “Autumn waltz” – version of the picture in which you can use maple leaves

Materials and tools for the manufacture of maple leaf in the technique of quilling:
– strips paper quilling (width 3 mm, a density of 116 gr./m3) from the company Quillingshop (Russia):
D-61 (olive), art. 35D6103270, to buy >>
L-58 (yellow), art. 35L5803270, to buy >>
L-61 (light olive), art. 35L6103270, to buy >>
N-55 (orange), art. 35N5503270, to buy >>
N-57 (dark yellow), art. 35N5703270, to buy >>
– tool to tighten the Stick Quilling strips, art. 8003, to buy >>
– PVA glue “Ray” 45гр, art. 9012, to buy >>
– scissors, tweezers, to buy >>
Maple leaf ready! Such sheets can be embedded in the picture. On this principle it is possible to make a leaf and grape, and currant leaf. It all depends on the length of the spikelets and additional elements.

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