Цветы из фоамирана

FoamIran (plastic suede, sponge rubber, foam rubber) is a wonderful material for creating flowers, dolls, appliques, jewelry, accessories, blanks for scrapbooking, etc.
This is a soft sheet material in a palette of 20 or 24 colors (depending on the manufacturer), used in various types of needlework. The average sheet thickness – 1 mm. FoamIran is mostly Chinese and Iranian manufacture. Better is Iranian. It seems that in Iran and originated the technique of making flowers from this amazing material.
FoamIran can be painted and tinted with paints, pathname, powders.
Foliano easily shaped with light heating (e.g., heat to iron or forceps for Curling), Curling, stretching, handling tools for modeling, etc.
VERY IMPORTANT: after deformation tameran firmly retains its shape. That is why it is widely used for the manufacture of topiary, flowers, jewelry (brooches, hair clips), dolls, decorative items for scrapbooking, etc. Brooches-flowers from plastic suede not crushed under outerwear, and it’s a very valuable quality.
FoamIran – innovative material with endless potential for creativity.


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