Social service centre “Orekhovo-Borisovo North”-2017

Our School is involved in Social Programs: Every Tuesday there are free outreach workshops for visiting of Social Service Center “Orekhovo-Borisovo North”, address: Shipilovskaya, 9, Moscow, Rassia

Pictures of sunflowers in the technique of quilling

Topiary (the miracle tree)

Mastering FoamIran – the perfect material for making flowers

“In the Centre we produce cards and paintings in the technique of quilling”


“Japanese motifs”

“The hibiscus in the technique of quilling”

“Clematis in the technique of “quilling loopy””

Master classes April: “Fantazy-flowers of FOAMIRAN”

Master classes April: “Scabious-the brooch of FOAMIRAN”

Among the perennial plants are the real kings of flower beds and flower beds, and there is a little more modest, but also very expressive colors. One of these is SCABIOUS – a close relative of the cornflower and very similar to it in structure of the calyx, has about 80 species, which include both annual and perennial herbaceous plants, occurring originally from the Mediterranean, occurring in Europe, Asia and even in Africa.
In Europe scabiosa called teasel, or a flower-pincushion (pin cushion). Flowers scabies have a light aroma and rich in nectar, so are honey plants and attract butterflies and bees. Thanks to medical properties of scabiosa often called flower-scabies because they use it not only in national but also in official medicine in ointments against skin diseases and scabies, translated from the Latin name scabiosa even means “lousy itching, scabies”.


08-02-17-bird-logoFrom the beginning of 2017 we are pleased with themselves with the production of paintings in the technique of quilling under the title: “the Bird on the walnut tree.”


Regular classes help to learn the skills of working with paper quilling, independently and under the guidance of a master Vlasova Olga to come up with new works, which is reflected in postcards and paintings in the technique of quilling. Our students already are doing interesting work.

The theme of birds in the technique of quilling has become one of the favorite themes of our Center.
And how many cocks are clocked!

Vociferous Cockerel,
Red scarlet comb.
In the morning dawn arises,
Loudly sings a song.
He has so many Affairs,
Got up early and did it all!

/poems by Lukanova L./




And here’s other works:


“About the pink flowers”
Tired of winter clothes,
Wanted pink!
Let him go, until the cold rain
In this color I remember the summer.

In this color – Apple-tree bloom,
In this color – cheeks baby
In this color the morning of his birthday,
And Flamingo go slowly.



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