Social service centre “Orekhovo-Borisovo North”-2018

Our School is involved in Social Programs: Every Tuesday there are free outreach master-classes in the Social Service Center “Orekhovo-Borisovo North”
Address: Shipilovskaya, 9, Moscow, Russia

December 2018 (quilling)




November 2018 (quilling)

October 2018 (quilling)

September 2018 (quilling)

August 2018 (FoamIran)

July 2018 (FoamIran)

Jule 2018 (quilling)

July 2018 (foamiran)

June 2018 (foamiran)

June 2018 (quilling)

June 2018 (foamiran)

May 2018 (foamiran)

May 2018 (quilling)

April 2018 (quilling)

A detailed master class on the production of such a flower on the crest see here >>

March 2018 (quilling)

March 2018 (foamiran)
We make flowers from foamiran

February 2018 (quilling)

February 2018 (foamiran)
Make a brooch from FoamIran “Flower Scabious”

Some believe that of the name “scabious” in Latin, it is called-scabies. Allegedly cures skin disease. The other opinion is that in Latin, its name means — rough. Apparently, associated with the roughness of the leaves.

In the 18th century, an Austrian doctor, botanist, scientist first discovered this plant and described it in detail in his works. It is a herbaceous, semi-shrub perennial, which exists in nature about a hundred species.

February 2018

January 2018

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